In 2013, educational expert and passion professional Matt Chase, founded Chase Educational Consulting (CEC) in 2013 to reintroduce project-based learning into America’s hurting educational system. As a 5th grade teacher, Matt regularly struggled to inspire his students to become passionate about learning—to see what they could create by memorizing their multiplication tables, or understanding how cohesion works—until, one day, he asked his students to each submit one fun science experiment they would like to undertake as a class project.

In sorting through about 100 great to not-so-great submissions, Matt stumbled across one student's idea that immediately captured his attention: “let's build a class hovercraft.” 10 years—and countless rounds of trial and error—later, Matt now travels the country building one-of-a-kind, safe, reusable and efficient hovercrafts with 4th, 5th and 6th grade students through The Hovercraft Project, CEC’s first full-fledged project-based learning experience.

As CEC continues to develop new and exciting project based learning experiences for students of all ages, Matt and his team continue to challenge the traditional learning model by advocating for hands-on learning design to inspire students to embrace their passions, and to see the education as the path to making their dream a reality.